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Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions regarding events and conventions,timepiecesale the Graphology Consulting Group and our services.If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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What kind of Events and Conventions do you do?

We do and are open to all kinds of events and conventions. We have participated in professional events and conventions of over 10,000 attendees and have analyzed, overall, more than 150,000 handwriting samples in them!

How do you work at Large Events and Conventions?

We are able fit in a small booth, as well as to put on a grand show in a very big one! It all depends on the event, attendance and the interest of the client. The booth needs to be equipped with computers and printers (number will depend on number of guests or attendees), and a desk area for our technicians to work quickly and comfortably. For details technical specifications and a quote, please contact Barney Collier at the Graphology Consulting Group through +1.212.799.9296.

Is handwriting analysis used at wedding showers and other small events and how is it done?

Yes! We have enjoyed great success in incorporating graphology into wedding showers and other events. The handwriting is obtained ahead of time, and usually asked for in the invitations to submit alongside the RSVP's. Attendees get their reports at the event. Attendees get excited and get to know and share with the other family and attendees in an intimate and non-intrusive way! For details and a quote, please contact the Graphology Consulting Group through +1.212.799.9296.

How do you integrate the client with your Handwriting Analysis report?

In the case of events, the booth is usually the client's and it is identified with their logo, colors and design. At professional events, trade shows and conventions, reports are free for participants as a treat from the client. Our essential and unique integration lays in the message that interested participants write by hand as a sample to obtain the free reports: your core marketing message! This leaves a unique and lasting impression on each applicant. Additionally, reports are printed on the client's letterhead and have an introductory cover page presenting the analysis process as well as the client. For additional ideas or concerns, please contact Barney Collier at the Graphology Consulting Group through +1.212.799.9296.

How does the report submission and pick-up work for participants during a convention or trade show schedule?

Unlike at weddings, when the handwriting sample can be requested with the RSVP's, at conventions and trade shows, Graphology Consulting Group booths have proven to work best as follows:
1. Attendees see signs or get word that handwriting analysis is available at the booth.
2. Attendee signs at the booth. Stacks of handwriting sample forms, pens, clipboards are made available. Reps assist discussing their own reports and how can be learned from one.
3. Attendee write the client's core message, sign his/her name and write down their address.
4. Handwriting samples are put in an IN box. In any time from 10 minutes to next day, depending on number of attendees, customers return for their reports, which most of the time will be read on the spot, generating traffic and gathering around the booth! (Reports could also be emailed, if the client prefers. VIP's can have reports done in less that 10 minutes.)

What companies has Graphology Consulting Group worked with?

Graphology Consulting has worked with several companies, including Dupont, New York Jets, Saks Fifth Avenue, ABC, American Express, Utah Jazz, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and Gannett Newspaper Corporation

In what countries has Graphology Consulting Group appeared in events?

Graphology Consulting Group has appeared at shows in the U.S., Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

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