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Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions regarding services, the Graphology Consulting Group and our services.If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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What is CHAP®?

CHAP® is our Computer-assisted Handwriting Analysis Program, the base technology for each personalized handwriting report from the Graphology Consulting Group. As it's clear on its name CHAP® is a program to assist a professional human graphology expert. Be certain that all our reports are made by humans themselves, with the assistance of CHAP®

How are your reports made?

Once we receive a handwriting sample, reports are analyzed by a graphologist alongside our Computer-assisted Handwriting Analysis Program, CHAP®. The specifics of the sample are noted, and the report is written accordingly. The length and thoroughness of the report depends on the service requested.

So, humans make each of your reports?

Yes, they certainly do. Each human is assisted by the CHAP® Program so, to be more precise, each of our reports is made by a combination of a computer and a human being.

What kind of reports do you offer?

We offer different types of reports based on your needs and those of the company you represent. A basic report analyses up to 10 indicators. A more thorough report can analyze 200 indicators or more. For additional information, you can contact us.

Can I get a handwriting analysis report online?

Yes, you can! You can do so through our variety of Service websites, which we call "ScanMys":
Payment is fast and safe. Once you buy your report, you print-out a form to write your sample by hand and them easily submit back to us via email or web upload.

What are ScanMys?

ScanMys is our collection of websites devoted to handwriting analysis. Each one is specific to a subject, but they all link you the Graphology Consulting Group services. Our ScanMys are:

What is the price of a online report?

Online reports are priced $US20 through Specific information on the ScanMyHandwriting reports can be found on the FAQ section of

Why is the price for personal on-line handwriting analysis just $US20?

Because we are trying to get an international buzz started about CHAP™ Handwriting Analysis among intelligent men and women that are willing to spend about the cost of a decent glass of wine on getting one of the most important personal and confidential documents they may ever read. Additional and specific information on the ScanMyHandwriting reports can be found on the FAQ section of

Do writing samples have to include all letters of the alphabet?

No, they don't. Handwriting analysis is based on the lines themselves and the use the writer makes of them and not on individual letters. By their own shape, and the lines necessary to complete them certain letters tend to reveal more than other. Others specifics can be obtained through certain capital letters as well as through the use of letters with loops, dots, crossing lines and tails. For our analysis report we request users write determined phrases that make use of the letters we need in order to obtain information!

Can writing samples be submitted in different languages?

Yes, they can be! Analysis depend in the use of lines by each writer, in whatever language they may be.

Can I request an analyses of someone else's writing?

Yes, you can. We have received submissions from people interested in knowing more about their ancestors from old letters and other written communications, as well as from individuals interested in giving a handwriting analysis as a gift to a loved one. It's best and we certainly recommend that the writer is aware of the submission for a handwriting analysis, as reports can reveal information considered somewhat personal.

Do you need to know the name of the writer?

The name of the writer is not necessary to know in order to elaborate a report on his/her handwriting and it is not included in the analysis itself. The name of the writer is only included in the first introductory page, as we like to address each person individually.

Can I contact you though Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, you certain can! Visit us at any of the links below:
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